Indigestion Treatment

Indigestion treatment should always be what your doctor approves. Upset stomach sometimes with bloating or gas frequently requires no more than a good stomach settling tablet or liquid like pepto bismol or pink bismuth subsalicylate. In children, special cautions are that you shouldn't give this if child is just getting over chicken pox or flu. And those with severe pain should consult a doctor right away. But everyday nausea and diarrhea can be helped by it. If you are prone to heartburn, some people have found heartburn relief with just change of diet and lifestyle, especially if they have acid reflux disease or Gerd. Both conditions require non-acidic, low-fat food choices followed strictly. Sometimes a help is an acid reducer pill, if you have a sour stomach. When relief is not found, it may indicate ulcer or other serious condition. Read all the causes, symptoms, cure, and medical news here, and suggestions for home remedies that seem to relieve belly pain and prevent it coming back. Good sense in what you eat matters. You shouldn't stick to that disgusting (and dangerous) castor oil indigestion treatment of yesterday.

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Indigestion Treatment

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